Feb 17 – Self-Recognition

When did you first become conscious of yourself as a child? Dr. Taghi Modaressi, a professor at the University of Maryland, designed a study to find a definite point of self recognition. His research concluded that children under ten months did not seem to notice the difference between an accurate reflection or a distorted one. By ages 2-5, the child had developed a definite self image, running away from the distorted one. The bible, which has been likened to a mirror, gives us a true picture of ourselves, as God sees us. We are described as sheep that have gone a stray- “all we like sheep have done astray, we have turned everyone to his own way.” It tells us that “all have sinned…” Unfortunately, many prefer their own distorted image of themselves and rest in their own self-righteousness. God lovingly invites us to accept reality, call on Him. He is willing to forgive and cleanse us.

Pastor Alex Rockwell