Dec 22 – Where is the Child?

I read recently of a five year old refugee child being shown the wonders of a large toy department store, by his foster parents. At first his eyes grew wide with wonder but gradually an expression of disappointment clouded his face. He began to search up and down the aisles. At last he burst out, “But where is the Child?” Somewhere in his past he had learned that, as our Bibles teach us, “Unto you is born this day…a Savior Who is Christ the Lord.” and that it is His birthday we celebrate at Christmas. Then, after an embarrassing silence, a discerning store official ordered a Christmas crib to be found and set up in a prominent place in the toy department. Seeing it, the little boy smiled with delight. As young as he was, he unknowingly gave a lesson to adults on the real significance of Christmas. As you give and receive gifts, please remember that He is the “indescribable gift.” to those who trust Him. Will He be in your Christmas this year?

Pastor Alex Rockwell

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