Apr 28 – The Ten Commandments

I read recently of a young man applying for a job at a newspaper. He was asked, “Are you good at condensing material?” “Sure” he replied. “Okay, do a write on this and really cut it short.” The editor then passed him a copy of the Ten Commandments. The applicant quickly read the material, returned the re-write and was immediately hired. He wrote only one word- “Don’t.” Terse and not very explicit, the young reporter at least had caught the message of the law of God. Because we are constantly straying from the path of right living, since we are all sinners, the law can only thunder, “Don’t!” But God also lays out His standard of righteousness in the law, and teaches us that we can never be good enough to keep the commandments or earn our way to heaven. Why was the Law given? Because of God’s great love, He provided the law to convict us, but then to provide a way of escape. His Son Jesus went to the Cross and took the punishment for our sin. That’s why Paul explained, the purpose of the law, , “the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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