June 05 – Jitters for University Applicants

“It was a panic… it was stressful because even if you have high grades, there’s the fear the letter is going to say “we regret to inform you…” those were the words of Roxey Size, a grade twelve student from North Bay Ontario, speaking of her experience. This time of year, many high school graduates have applied to universities and are waiting to see if they are accepted. It can make for lots of stress and anxiety. Acceptance is important whether for entrance into a university, applying for a new job, or with friends. In these instances, we can’t be sure.. But when we become aware of our need for a proper relationship with God, acknowledge our spiritual need of Him and sincerely ask Christ to take over in our lives, we can be sure of acceptance. Because our Lord promised, “the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out.” When we sincerely ask, the Bible says acceptance is assured and we are “Accepted in the beloved.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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