June 08 – Security System

Today there were break-ins and thefts in many Maritime communities. Most of these criminal acts occurred when there was nobody home. But thanks to new security system technology, including live video feed, you can now monitor everything in your home from hundreds of kilometers away. An ad for one of these security systems says, “You can see anything that’s going on from anywhere in the world.” A homeowner can turn lights on and off, or see everyone who enters a room. Did you know that God has always been able to monitor our lives? Psalm 139, says, that “ He knows” our “ sitting down and… rising up.” And that “He understands our “thought afar off…” and that He is “acquainted with all our ways. This is scary for evil-doers, but comforting for those who have Christ in their lives and know that a kind heavenly Father watches over them.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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