All is Vanity January 3, 2018

Bill Wyman, bass guitarist for the band Rolling Stones, for over thirty years, says that fame is not as fulfilling as some believe. He stated on one occasion, “Getting to the top was an exciting experience. It kept driving you. But when we arrived at the top, there was nothing there. It was empty.” He sounds like Solomon, author of the book of Ecclesiastes, who had access to unlimited riches and pleasures. Yet Solomon concluded that “all is vanity,” meaning something that is fleeting or elusive. A life filled with money and all sorts of pleasure which leaves God out, is a mist, a vapor, or mere breath. Jesus once asked rhetorically, “what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul? We all know the sobering answer to that question. As we enter 2018, what part does God have in my life? In yours? After all, He has come to give us abundant life.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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