Accounts not settled in October February 19, 2018

The Family Herald and Weekly Star ceased publication in September 1968, after almost a century of operation. On one occasion, a farmer, claiming to be an atheist, wrote a letter to the editor. He stated that most of the farmers in his community were Christians. He said that his lifestyle was decidedly non-Christian, and he believed the church-going Christian farmers foolishly denied themselves certain pleasures which he enjoyed. To prove the superiority of leaving God out of his life, he announced “This October my crops were the largest of any in our community.” The editor’s classic response was short and to the point. “Dear Sir, God does not settle all of His accounts in October.” Paul the Apostle had a warning for folks like that atheist farmer, when he wrote,“ boast not yourself of tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth,”

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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