Help, help. Anyone there February 21, 2018

“Help, help. Is anyone there?” Those were the desperate words of Mike Kelly, a Calgary trucker. It was December 30th, just after he had slammed into a big truck that stopped in the fast lane on a snowy highway. Kelly, fifty-two said, “The steering wheel and foot pedals came back and pinned my legs.” When he regained consciousness, he was positioned awkwardly within his toppled rig, as blood poured from his wounds. The temperature was minus 30 Celsius as the wind blew into the cab. Then help came as a man, seeing that Kelly was alive, opened the door of the damaged rig and made it inside. Someone called 911 and Kelly survived. This terrifying experience, and his cry for help illustrates our spiritual condition and need for outside help. And help is there for anyone who cries out, “God be merciful to me a sinner.” God promised, “Call unto me and I will answer you.” Will you call today?

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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