Health for body and soul June 18, 2018

“Even after Canadians are diagnosed with a chronic condition such as heart disease or diabetes, they rarely make lifestyle changes that could prolong their lives.” That’s the surprising finding of a Statistics Canada report. It is difficult for us to change our ways, and the older we get, the less we like change. When it comes to our spiritual health, our best efforts such as self-reformation, doing good works, cannot bring about permanent change. When we desire a permanent change in our lives to be prepared for the next life, it is by “grace through faith and not of ourselves. It is the gift of God.” For our physical health, we need to do something. For our spiritual life, it has already been done. Christ on the cross, referring to the salvation of our souls, cried out, “It is finished.” All we need do is accept that gift by faith.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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