“Gimme a Penny” May 20, 2019

A little boy with a reputation for causing havoc, was a patient in a children’s hospital. A visitor, trying to help, told him that if he obeyed the nurses for one week, she would give him a dime. A week later she returned and asked, “Do you deserve the dime?” A small voice said, “Gimme a penny.” Whether this really happened or is just a made-up story, it does illustrate a serious truth. If God were to ask us “Have you obeyed my commandments?” few would even be able to say, “Give me a penny”, because though the word “sin” is not popular these days, most of us are aware that we do sin. The Bible clearly states “The wages of sin is death.” But for the benefit of people who ask Jesus for His mercy, we are told that “The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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