Today August 21, 2019

John Ruskin was the leading English art critic of the Victorian era, a prominent social thinker and philanthropist. He wrote on many subjects. Ruskin kept a beautiful stone paper weight on his desk. On it was carved a single word, “Today,” which he took as his personal motto. This one word is a great reminder to all, that each day is a gift from God to be used wisely. The writer of Hebrews in the New Testament used that word, saying, “Today, if you will hear His voice (God’s voice) do not harden your hearts.” And Paul the Apostle wrote, “I tell you, now is the time of God’s favour, today is the day of salvation.” Thankfully, Jesus invites us all, every day, with the words, “Come unto me, all you who labour and are heavy laden…” There will never be a better time to turn to Jesus than today.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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