Selfies August 23, 2019

A 2018 study has found that between October 2011 and November 2017, there were 259 selfie deaths in 137 incidents reported globally, selfie takers perch on cliffs, pose beside wild animals, while taking pictures of themselves. One of them said, “It’s all about me…when I post a selfie, I’m getting confirmation from other people that I’m awesome…” A Bible passage reminds us of the importance of our inner self, rather than what we look like on the outside. The prophet Samuel, wrote in the Old Testament “…man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” One thoughtful person has suggested, “Perhaps a ‘heart- selfie’ is in order,” so we can see ourselves as God sees us– sinners in need of a Saviour.

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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