WARNING FOR A FARMER Monday, September 14, 2020

The Family Herald and Weekly Star was a farm magazine published for almost a century, in operation until September 1968. One reader, a farmer, wrote to the editor and announced that he was an atheist. He said that in his community, most of the farmers were Christians, and he believed they were wasting their time denying themselves certain pleasures which he enjoyed. He wrote that he planted all his crops on Sundays. Then, he announced, “This October, my crops were the largest of any in the community.” The editor’s brief, classic response was, “Dear sir, God does not settle all of His accounts in October.” Hopefully, that atheist farmer heeded the Apostle Paul’s warning: “Boast not yourself of tomorrow…” Let’s hope that he followed the advice of the Old Testament prophet Amos: “Prepare to meet your God.” Good advice for all.
Pastor Alex Rockwell
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