Meteor Shower April 22

Did you know there is a great show to watch every year in April? Thankfully you do not have to purchase any tickets to be able to go see it. In order to see it you just have to look up to the sky. The annual Lyrid meteor shower brings an end to the meteor drought that occurs each year between January and mid- April. The Lyrid meteor shower offers 10 -15 meteors per hour at its peak on a moonless night. The best time to watch this April is late evenings of the 21st and 22nd. It is interesting because in the Bible we are told that there is a lesson to learn every time we look up and are amazed at what we see in the sky. The key is we do not miss out on what the lesson is. In the book of Psalms chapter 19 it reads, The heavens declare the glory of God…

Pastor Gary Harris – Georgetown Baptist Church
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