Wise Use of Time December 4, 2017

Anna Mary Robertson Moses, known by her nickname, Grandma Moses, was an American folk artist. She began painting in earnest when she was 78, and when she died at the age of one hundred and one, she had completed fifteen hundred paintings. Grandma Moses certainly recognized the importance of using her time as productively as possible. Whether we live long or short lives, it is of utmost importance to use our time wisely. And when considering the use of our time, what could be of greater value than to make sure we are properly related to God? The Bible reminds us that …”now is the accepted time…today is the day of salvation.” A very thoughtful person once commented, “The only moment in time which is ours is now! The vital question is, what am I doing with my time? What about you and your time?

Pastor Alex Rockwell
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